davey300Davey Johnstone is best known for his 40 plus years as a member of the Elton John band, and one of Rock’s most versatile guitarists.  Starting out in the folk world, he was a session musician in the UK and ended up playing on the Bernie Taupin album in 1970.  This led to his joining the Elton John Band and recording the vast majority of Elton’s hits.  Davey was quickly noticed to be a highly talented musician and was asked to play on many records with artists such as Joan Armatrading, Kiki Dee, Leo Sayer, Alice Cooper, the Who, Rod Stewart, and Meat Loaf.

Davey currently is musical director for Sir Elton, and they are still touring and playing to wildly appreciative audiences worldwide.


07 June 2016 // Signing Off // Thank You
To all you wonderful people who have written in with great questions, observations, etc., I’m sorry to say, I no longer have time to address your posts — we are embarking on the last few years of the LONG and winding road of my career with Elton. I guess we’re looking at roughly another 3-4 years and then gracefully fade away ( at least that’s the plan! ) I hope you’ve enjoyed our connection as much as I have. In the roughly 5 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve really only had one or two negative posts out of several thousand, so thanks for being so articulate and interested.

In signing off I must thank Denny Seiwell, Jeff Silverman, and Tommy Onyx for making this forum possible, and I sincerely hope all you fans and interested parties understand my reasons for having to wind it up now.

Keep the faith and I’ll see you out on the rocky road!

Much love and respect,
Davey Johnstone

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  1. Rob H

    I don’t know if you will see this or not, Davey, but if you do, could you let us know that you and your loved ones are ok after the incident in Nice? Thanks so much!

    1. Davey Johnstone
  2. Ros

    Thought you’d gone!
    If you have, then thanks a million for doing this for the last few years. You’ve been totally brilliant.
    There aren’t many great superstars who would have done this for the fans. It’s been a privilege “talking” with you.
    All the VERY best for everything you do in the future.
    Much love,
    Ros xoxo

    1. Davey Johnstone
    1. Davey Johnstone
  3. RadioAixlesBains

    Hello Davey,
    I am delighted to speak with you.
    I’m a rock radio speaker on Radio Aix-les-Bains radioaix.fr – radioaixlesbains.fr (which got also a local frequency in the French Alps). Some of my colleagues and me are so eager to see you with Elton at the Musilac Festival on 9 July (great choice for a gig, ’cause saturday night’s alright for fighting 😉 ).
    We’ll be very pleased to welcome you to our radio for a rock show dedicated to your whole career. Would it be possible for you to spend 1 hour or 1 hour 1/2 with us on Radio Aix-les-Bains ? Our studio is located about 2km from Musilac stage.
    I’m also trying to contact Mr. Ray Cooper, but without success. It would also be an honor to have him in our studio. Can you help me for that ?
    Thank you in advance and see you in Aix-les-Bains
    Lionel Berthet – Radio Aix-les-Bains

    1. Davey Johnstone
  4. Eleanor

    Thank you Davey for being so candid and obliging with our many and sometimes barmy questions. It’s been completely fascinating to get a perspective from the inside on life in the Elton John band. I hope Ray continues to get better and thank you for the updates recently on his health.

    I hope you enjoy the ‘wind down’ though as a member of the audience on Sunday at Blenheim Palace, I can certainly say you rocked the socks off that place and a wind down can still feel like a long way off for us fans who adore what you do. Much love.

    1. Davey Johnstone
  5. Denise

    I’m sad that you are leaving this . I have enjoyed reading your comments it’s been so informative . I have to admit I have followed you forever. I once said that July 11th 1982 was one of the best concerts I have been to….now I will say why…I gave you a bouquet of roses and you took them from me hugged me and gave me a kiss. I also wrote to you in 1980 or 81, I can’t remember which year, I remember talking with Dorothy and she said you might give me a call, if thats true or not, that’s how long I have followed you.
    You are amazing, the way you play guitar gives me goosebumps and such joy. You’ve been an important part of my life and I’m sure to many others. You will always be my rock and roll husband (as my daughter would say).
    Thank you for all the joy you have brought me through music.
    Love Always
    Denise from Chicago

    1. Davey Johnstone
  6. ilankogan

    Hi Davey!
    I’m glad you can still find the time to spend with us here :)

    I’ve seen sometimes you’re having a small talks on stage with Matt.

    Is it that quite up there that you can manage to hear one another ?
    Any snippets on what you’re talking about? 😉

    1. Davey Johnstone
  7. Ros

    Great concert at Leicester, Saturday evening. Atmosphere was brilliant – thank you all so much. I won’t mention Security people!
    What I did ponder though, and not sure if you have the answer…….whenever Kim puts his headphones on, he takes his glasses off. Nigel never wears his glasses on stage but he always wears headphones! Are glasses and headphones incompatible or just plain uncomfortable?! Yes, I know it’s a silly question, but it’s the sort of trivia I adore!
    Thanks again, and see you in Liverpool, Tuesday.

    1. Davey Johnstone
  8. goodbye

    Hi Davey. Sorry to hear you’re leaving. As you mentioned; perhaps when touring goes down to a few isolated gigs per year, then maybe you could do an instructional video type of thing… Over the years, you have been very gracious to interact with all these questions about your music… and tolerable with the non music questions. Thanks so much for that.

    Two that stand out from my questions were: 1) When I asked if you guys use chord charts in studio. You had a chuckle with that. 2) When I asked about the speed of EJ writing. You told of the “chicken sandwich” song.

    And please don’t let the “Deep Cuts Tour” idea cool off. I say strike while the irons hot. It will be extraordinary beyond any words!!!

    Lastly, one final question for now. During the opening few guitar chords for Funeral For A Friend, usually it’s dark onstage and with a lot of fog effects. How do you play?? How can you see??

    See you in PA this fall. Thanks for touring!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Davey Johnstone
  9. Sad One

    Hi Davey

    Just home from a great show at the Lincolnshire Showground. I hope you all had a great time too.

    Many thanks for signing my Crop Circles CD.

    All the best

    1. Davey Johnstone
  10. jacques_lapin

    So sad to read you have to stop attending your questions in mysinq but I really understand you, there us a lot of time involved to do this and you are too busy. I always wondered how do you manage to do. I will miss that connection with you but I do understand. It was a big pleasure to depart with you. All the very best Davey. Love you so much


    1. Davey Johnstone
  11. ale.lew14

    Hi man 🙂
    I’ve just revisited this and have seen you soon won’t be using the site. So here’s what might be my last chance!

    Apologies for such late notice, but as you guys are in the uk from what I see of your touring schedule in between concerts (I’d love to be able to attend!), will any of you be available on or from next Tuesday (14th June)? You might remember I’m that guy who studies at Weston College (University Campus), who are holding a summer show.

    There’ll be a stage in the field area, with separate groups performing our own short sets. We’ve been told the theme of the event will be Space (I wanted to get Rocket Man prepared!), and thatwe play on the Tuesday, but also there may be a possibility a couple more days are added. We were also told there will be some kind of music session going on in our performance space too, which is inside.

    There will also be other projects to be displayed throughout the campus, and from what I’ve heard so far it’s a lot of art. Apparently the place will be very busy! A little more info- https://www.weston.ac.uk/event/creative-arts-summer-show-0

    If either of you can attend then I hope you enjoy your visit. I’d advise to below profile to avoid potentially being mobbed! Telling you about this event is my own decision, thought you might be interested 😉

    All the best.
    Alex Lewis

    1. Davey Johnstone
  12. Rob H

    I am saddened to read that this blog is coming to an end, but so grateful for this chance that we have had for some time to interact with you. You have always been so gracious with our questions, and so generous with your time to think of us and to communicate with us.
    Before this conduit of communication closes, I just wanted to mention one song that you did that probably not a lot of fans may remember– Too Many Tears. There is a solo in there (perhaps a banjo?) that my son, who has autism, used to bounce around barking like a puppy when he heard that. I never really knew why he did that, but he really thought that banjo part was catchy.
    Anyway, thanks again. Much of your music is intertwined with our DNA, and when a new album comes out it feels like a rejuvenation of oxygen.
    May the good Lord bless and keep you, and may you keep on rockin!

    1. Davey Johnstone
    1. Davey Johnstone
      1. Graeme

        Hi Davey,
        I have watched you with Elton for many years and again last night Sunday 18th Sept. It is amazing to see you have reached such rockstar status and good on ye. I never thought about contacting you before until my wife said you would probably have a contact site.
        I have no doubt you will remember your school days at Forrester and we played a few games of football in the Park at Carricknow, a few dances at the Church and some good days looking back. You had a pal Bryden Churnside who was also into music, I wonder if he is Ok. I remember saving you from getting a doing from the Broomhouse boys one night at the Church.
        I am doing well and have a great family and I live in the Highlands in Scotland now but still have a flat in Edinburgh, I golf a lot and still ski as much as I can and am lucky to be in good shape, touch wood.
        Anyway all the best and I will look into coming to AIRDRIE to watch the concert next year.
        If you are ever fancing at trip to the highlands with your family I have agood place up here you can use.

        Graeme Spinks.

        1. Davey Johnstone
          Davey Johnstone

          Nice one! Glad you’re well. Enjoy the show in Airdrie and I may be hitting you up for info on your part of the world as I’m bringing my entire clan across next year to reconnect with their Scottish roots.

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